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Knowledgeable Tazewell Child Support Attorney Secures Your Child’s Future

Get the financial assistance you need to raise your child well

When you keep custody of your children during your divorce, the next step is to secure the necessary financial support to ensure a healthy, happy upbringing for your child. With more than 75 years of combined legal experience, the lawyers at Altizer, McGraw and French PLLC give you caring and professional legal guidance to help your family move on. We emphasize collaboration and negotiation so that you can avoid the stresses of messy and expensive court litigation. Trust in us to give you high-quality legal assistance at reasonable rates.

A Tazewell child support lawyer obtains financial aid for you

After a divorce, you may be eligible to receive money from your spouse in the form of alimony. However, if you also have children and you win custody of them, you need more support to properly raise them. This is why child support exists — so that spouses can continue to provide for their children even when they no longer have the household income they had before the divorce.

Various factors determine how much child support your spouse pays. These factors include:

  • Your income level. The less money you make, the more child support money you need to raise your children.
  • Health care and special needs. Your children must visit the doctor and dentist regularly. Additionally, if they have health issues that require more care than routine checkups, you require more support.
  • Number of children. The more children you have, the more support you need.
  • General childcare expenses. Raising children is expensive. They need food, clothes, school supplies, activity fees and much more. You cannot provide for all of their needs without the assistance of your ex-spouse.

A Tazewell child custody attorney works tirelessly to obtain as much support as possible for you, ensuring that you can provide your children with a happy childhood and adolescence. We talk extensively with you to learn about your situation, enabling us to personalize our service to the needs of you and your children.

Work with a Tazewell child support attorney today

To ensure the security of your child’s future, work with the child support attorneys of Altizer, McGraw and French PLLC today. Call us at 877-695-0258 or contact us online to schedule a consultation to discuss your child support needs. In addition to our regular office hours, we offer meetings by appointment on evenings and weekends. Visit us at our offices just a block east of the Tazewell County Courthouse. Let us work with you to give you professional, trustworthy assistance founded on 108 years of reputable service to the people of Southwest Virginia.

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