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Medical Malpractice

Trust a Tazewell Medical Malpractice Lawyer to Hold Negligent Physicians Accountable

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When doctors make mistakes, the results can be catastrophic, especially if the doctor decides not to fix what has gone wrong. The lawyers of Altizer, McGraw and French PLLC hold negligent doctors accountable for their actions. With more than 75 years of combined legal experience, we have comprehensive knowledge of personal injury law and how to approach medical malpractice cases. Let us help to ease your pain and shock over poor treatment with our reliable, compassionate and cost-effective service.

A Tazewell medical malpractice attorney proves existence of medical malpractice

The first step of any medical malpractice case is to determine the cause of your injury. Medical malpractice comes in many forms, but four of the most common are the following:

  • Failure to diagnose. In this situation, the doctor fails to make any diagnosis, leading the patient to assume that he or she is healthy.
  • Misdiagnosis. The doctor makes a diagnosis, but it is incorrect, meaning the patient receives improper treatment. This is particularly dangerous because the treatment actually received could have significant medical risks.
  • Surgical errors. These errors could include leaving items inside the body, making improper incisions or other serious mistakes.
  • Medication errors. Common medication errors include dosage and prescription miscalculations.

Once we determine the cause of your injury and the type of medical malpractice that occurred, we proceed to take legal action against those responsible. A Tazewell product liability attorney advocates for you in your legal proceedings and in the courtroom, should your case go to trial. We seek appropriate compensation for your injury and punitive damages against the doctor.

Throughout your case, we pledge a low-stress working relationship that allows you a smoother recovery. With a combination of compassion and professionalism, we represent you to ensure your future continues to look bright. We are more than just lawyers — we are members of your community. As your neighbors, we take great pride in delivering excellent legal service at fair rates.

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Established in 1904, the law firm of Altizer, McGraw and French PLLC is a staple of the Southwest Virginia community. Call us today at 877-695-0258 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. We offer flexible weekend and evening hours by appointment and do not charge any fees unless we succeed with your case.

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